Alice in Wonderland Review – Perspective of a TLS parent

By Pinder Nordstrom – 6th and 9th-grade parent 

November 16, 2017

I am always left in awe after having the privilege of seeing a performance at Trinity.  Seeing Alice In Wonderland, Jr was no different.  The show itself was amazing, to say the least.  Onstage every detail was well executed. The acting and singing by the characters, the music, the set design, the lighting, the dance choreography, the make-up, and the costumes all made for a flawless performance.

As a parent, what I find most inspiring is how this production had the collaboration of not only the middle school students but also that of the high school students, the entire faculty, and the parents.  Seeing the long hours put in by both the students and faculty during show week was incredible.  The students, faculty, and volunteers all had long days and yet put in one hundred percent in the evenings to make sure the play was a success.

We had friends that came to see the play and remarked on how well put together the play was in both the onstage performance as well as the lighting and set.  The comment that struck me the most was when our friends stated on how the budget must have been unlimited.  I pointed out that it was not an unlimited budget but rather it was an unlimited amount of support through volunteers. Alice in Wonderland was a beautiful and fun performance presented by Trinity Lutheran School that showcased the partnership between the students, faculty, and volunteers.

Did you get a chance to see Alice in Wonderland? Let us know what you thought of it below.

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