1. Upper-Grade Chapel will be done LIVE in the gym at 8:35am on Mo/Wed Fridays for HS (immediately following our attendance/announcement time for HS students), and simultaneously streamed to the classrooms for 6th-8th grade and for the public.
  2. Lower-Grade Chapel will continue to be recorded and streamed to the classroom on Tu/Thu Fridays at 8:40am for PS-5th grade and available for the public.

Chapel Schedule:

  • 1/22 Upper Grade Chapel 
  • 1/29 Lower Grade Chapel 
  • 2/5 Upper Grade Chapel 
  • Wed 2/17 Possible Special Ash Wednesday Chapel?? TBD
  • 2/26 Lower Grade Chapel 
  • 3/5 Upper Grade Chapel
  • 3/12 Lower Grade Chapel