Dear Trinity family,

After we sent tuition contracts this past week, several families emailed me to ask about Trinity’s plan for next year. Questions have included…

Great questions to be sure, many people are thinking about this. My answers to these questions have been consistent, and I’d like to share with you what our Trinity Admin team and I are thinking about today.

Throughout this process, we have focused on what we know, and have planned for what we don’t know. What we know today is:

What we don’t know today:

As I shared above, we plan to open with live instruction. By the beginning of July, we hope we will have a much better read on what the opening of school will look like. We will publish our plan when we have more detail from the governing authorities.

You’ll notice in the tuition contract that we have refund guidelines built in this year: 

Today, we are not planning to vary tuition because our hope is to offer live instruction. We have provided more financial aid support for families to deal with the individual situations that occur through loss of income. We want our students to be able to remain at Trinity. And we want Trinity’s school to be able to serve Bend and Central Oregon for many years to come.

Our recent parent survey was very helpful as we continue to improve our digital learning experience. We had over 180 responses, which was so helpful. As we evaluate the distance learning experience now and what it should be in the future, we heard families ask for Trinity to:

  1. Recreate the closest reproduction of the in-classroom experience so that learning continues.
  2. Increase feedback on assignments.
  3. Ensure a consistent communication structure between teachers and the home.
  4. Increase support in assisting parents and students in managing the technology.

This is our charge. All of this week’s Trinity Online Auction proceeds will go to helping us with the investments we need to make to keep Trinity’s school providing a great learning experience and also loving and caring for our students and families regardless of the modalities we use for instruction.

We will finish this year well. Your child(ren) will be prepared for their next level of education. Thanks for the partnership, encouragement, prayers, and support as we navigate these waters. 

be God’s,
Gregg Pinick

Executive Director / Head of Schools
Cell: 714-728-5054