Trinity Lutheran School’s preschool program is about creating a safe and loving environment where our youngest students can thrive individually and academically.

Through dynamic hands-on activities and one-on-one interactions with our experienced teachers, students will build a foundation for future educational success.

Our planned curriculum includes engaging activities that promote cognitive development, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills. We include Spanish, Music, and P.E. to develop a strong foundation for their elementary school years.

Daily devotions during “Jesus Time” and weekly chapel services provide a Christ-filled environment that children thrive in.

Our Programs


(Students have the option of a two or three-day program.)

Two Day          Tue/Thu               8:30 – 11:15 am

Three Day        Mon/Wed/Fri    8:30 – 11:15 am

  • Start Age – 30 months  (must be potty trained)

JR. Kindergarten (JK)

Mon-Fri     8:30 – 11:15 am

Start Age – 4 years by September 1st

Learning Objectives

Faith Development

The life of Jesus

God’s love for us

How we show God’s love to others (through kindness and helping others)

Daily devotions in class and weekly chapel attendance

Celebrations for Christmas and Easter

Lower Grade Chapel Video

Language and Literacy

Early writing skills (holding a pencil, drawing shapes, tracing, creative drawing, names, and numbers)

Print awareness

Listening to and telling stories, retelling stories read to class using sequencing

Phonemic awareness

Vocabulary development

Verbally expressing ideas and feelings through drawing and writing

Name recognition



Grouping by similar attribute


Number recognition


Size and shape recognition

Pattern recognition and development

Physical Education and Health

Hand-Eye coordination

Gross motor skills (spatial awareness, running, jumping, skipping, manipulating large objects)

Safety and personal care

Basic nutrition


Making observations, comparisons, predictions

Using tools such as magnifying glass, magnets, scales

Animal, insect and plant life cycles

Exploring cause and effect

Weather and Seasons

Sensory exploration (taste, smell, hear, see, & touch, as well as hard/soft, smooth/rough/bumpy, heavy/light)

Social-Emotional Development

Self control

Healthy expression of feelings

Cooperation with peers and adults

Knowledge of family and community relationships


Expressing ideas through drawing, painting, clay and other mediums.

Music (rhythm, beat, loud/soft, instrument sound recognition)

Movement (gross motor – spatial awareness, jumping, walking, rolling, hopping; fine motor – manipulating small objects)

Dramatic Play

Fine motor skills (cutting, writing, gluing, manipulating small objects)

Theme Days

Each year Preschool will have special events such as theme days.  Events coordinate with the material we are learning at the time.  Pajama and Pancake Breakfast with homemade applesauce is an example of a fun event we have in October.  Preschoolers also enjoy Grandparent’s Day festivities, a Christmas Sing-A-Long performance for Preschool parents, and participate in a Spring Field Day.  Additional special events are at times added throughout the year.

Our Team

Preschool Teacher – Jodie Walberg

Preschool Aide – Rachel Fowler

JK  Teacher – Jon Mckim

JK Aide – Liza Conover