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Trinity Lutheran School

Meet Your Trinity Team


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is Trinity Lutheran, Bend’s governing body. It oversees and manages all financial aspects and policies, including shepherding the church and school’s Mission and Vision in accordance with the bylaws and the Board of Directors’ Policy Manual.

Board of Director Members: Toby Garus, Paul Hough, Grant Ludwick, Mason Payer, Athea Gouker, Zach Martin, Holly Hutchins, David Lyon, Derri Sandberg

Board of Elders

The Board of Elders is concerned with the spiritual welfare of the Pastor(s) and congregation members, individually and collectively. The Elders supervise matters pertaining to congregational worship and assist the Pastoral office in the spiritual life of the congregation.

Board of Elders Members: Bob Bastien, James Bird, Paul Conover, Doug Dean, Duane Dippon, Tim Ellis, Gene Eusebio, Ted Hasse, Brian Holste, Ron Maurer 

Caleb Adams

Lead Pastor

Gregg Pinick

Executive Director/Head of Schools

Discipleship & Worship

Don Heien

Assistant Pastor/Custodian

Margaret Klepper

Worship & Discipleship Executive Assistant

Reese Rountree

Director of Sr. High and Young Adult Ministries

Taylor Stichler

Director of Children's Ministry​

Heather Stueve

Director of Christian Life and Family Connection​

Lower School Staff

Early Childhood - 5th Grade

Lisa Gilbert

Lower School Principal

Liza Conover

Early Childhood Education & Day Care Director

Myriah Buccola

Preschool Teacher

Jodi Walberg

Preschool Teacher

Rachel Fowler

Preschool Aide

Andrea McGinty

Preschool Aide

Becky Farley

Preschool Aide

Monica Jimenez

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Rosa Moore

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Calyssa Harris

Pre-Kindergarten Aide

Kristi Knauss

Pre-Kindergarten Aide

Becca Andersen

Pre-Kindergarten Aide

Joanna Swanson

Pre-Kindergarten Aide

Katie Van Horn

Kindergarten Teacher

Heather Jones

Kindergarten Teacher

Chelsea Clegg

Kindergarten Aide

Sarah Ladwig

Kindergarten Aide

Melanie Pinick

Kindergarten Aide​

Bonnie Wilson

Kindergarten Aide​

Katie Litzenberger

1st Grade Teacher

Tonya Burkett

1st Grade Aide

Mary Jones

1st Grade Aide

Reese Fritter

2nd Grade Teacher

Calah Stichler

2nd Grade Teacher

Katie Salciccioli

2nd Grade Aide

Shahayla Evans

3rd Grade Teacher

Carol Willison

3rd Grade Teacher

Tonja Clift

4th Grade Teacher

Melissa Weller

4th Grade Teacher

Audrey Borgmann

5th Grade Teacher

Celeste Mc Allister

5th Grade Teacher

Sarah Bratton

Elementary Music/MS Band, HS Band Teacher

Audrey Clark

Elementary Music Teacher

Heather Commins

Lower School PE Teacher

Stephanie Day

Elementary & MS Art Teacher/ Admissions Assistant

Amanda Doering

Elementary Art Teacher

Wendi Murphy

TLCA Teacher

Delia Ramage

Lower School & MS Spanish

Upper School Staff

6th Grade - 12th Grade

David Haynes

Upper School Principal

Matt Collins

Middle School Director

Kayla Gaspardis

HS Academic Advisor/HS Health Teacher​

Josh Carnahan

HS Humanities & Technology Teacher /Tech Coach

Greg Clift

HS Theology Teacher

Wendy FitzHenry

HS Humanities Teacher/Key Club Advisor

Lisa Kienzle

Upper School Physical Education Teacher

Caitlyn Littrell

HS Humanities & Theology Teacher/ASB Advisor

Tom Stueve

HS Science Teacher/Stagecraft/Solar Car Advisor

Brittany Sustare

HS Math Teacher

Rachelle Taliaferro

HS Humanities Teacher

Rachel Vander Kamp

HS Spanish Teacher

Vicknair, Makalani

HS Math & Science Teacher

Addie DeLong

MS & HS Art Lead Teacher

Kyle Gilbert

MS History & Theology Teacher, Athletic Director

Jon Vevia

Director of the Arts, HS Choir Director

Delia Ramage

Lower School & MS Spanish Teacher

Michael Gordon

MS Math/MS Electives Teacher

Jamie Mandry

MS Math Teacher

Alisa Jeffries

MS Science Teacher

Michelle Johnson

MS Humanities Teacher

Megan Lapp

MS Music Teacher

Darla Linn

MS Math & Electives Teacher

Willa (Lallie) Russell

MS English Teacher

Taylor Stichler

Director of Children's Ministry/MS Theology Teacher

John Wilison

MS Electives Teacher

Sarah Bratton

MS Band, HS Band/Elementary Music Teacher

Administration & Support Team

Amy Ludwick

Director of Admissions

Stephanie Day

Admissions Assistant/Elementary Art

Debbie Heien

Registrar/Admin Asst./ Health UAP

Julie Chambers

Reading Specialist

Mandy Elliott

School Receptionist

Robin Gaunt

Administrative Support

Campus Resource Team

Chuck Haynes

Director of Operations

Jamie Leebert

Director of Finance

Kyla Vevia

Director of Marketing & Communications

Jon Mckim

Day Porter/Security

Amanda McConnell

Accounting Assistant

Maggie Martin

Marketing & Communications Assistant

Don Heien

Custodian/Assistant Pastor​

Josh Carnahan

Tech Coach/HS Humanities Teacher