Middle School is all about relationships – relationships with teachers, relationships with friends and your personal relationship with God. That focus permeates all that we do.

In Middle School, you will find energy and joy. You will begin to find your voice, to excel in your endeavors from academics and the arts to athletics. During these years, Trinity teachers are with you every step of the way, helping you shape your aspirations and ideals into attainable goals.

Middle School is also a time for building on fundamentals from writing and mathematics to science and computer skills. IPads are used in the classroom to encourage collaborative learning. Athletics and fine arts also expand at this level with a broad range of opportunities to find your creative niche and individual talents.

Middle School is the time for you to catch a glimpse of the amazing person God has planned for you to become as you grow in Him. It is truly an experience like no other as you begin your journey to the incredible life that awaits you.

Learning Objectives