Dear Trinity Family,

We give our God all the thanks and praise for a smooth opening by all accounts yesterday (September 1).  All supplies and devices were picked up by our students in grades 3-12.  The grades 3-7 cohorts had all students present.  Our Emergency Childcare program (ECE all-day, half-day, and the KDG to age 12 cohorts) had a wonderful day as well. When our students are present, the energy returns to campus. 

Trinity’s Reaction to Current State Covid Numbers 
Several parents asked me about what happens if the Deschutes County and State parameters for re-opening grades KDG-3 and grades 4-12 are met before the end of the quarter on October 30.  As of last Monday, the metrics were met for K-3 for the required three week time period.  The grades 4-12 metrics were met for one week for the first time as well.  While this is exciting, we want to continue to monitor the numbers past the Labor Day holiday weekend. We would also like to see a few weeks of consistently seeing met standards before we re-open to the grades that would be eligible to return.  This will allow us to avoid, as much as we can, the roller coaster ride of opening in-person and returning to distance learning.
In-Person Limited Instruction Cohorts

While we wait for full-time in-person learning, we will continue to offer the in-person limited instruction cohorts. Initial cohorts are being held this week in grades 3-7. These cohorts have allowed students to meet their teachers for two hours, one to two times (depending on the grade levels) in the first week. Cohorts for KDG-grade 2 will be added for live instruction during the week of September 7 and other grades will continue to have access to these on-campus experiences as we move forward.   

More cohorts will be added weekly to provide all students with the opportunity for some in-person learning on campus.  These cohorts are optional for students and will not be recorded. During this in-person limited instruction cohort time, uniforms are also optional.  Your child(ren)’s teacher will contact you regarding the times of the coming cohorts.

School-Provided Devices
As of today, all school-provided devices for 3rd grade and up have been distributed.  Apple has shared that the iPads for K – 2 students are to be shipped on September 8. There is a lot of new technology both on campus and in your homes. We have recently hired a tech coach to assist in the management of the devices and programs we now offer. If you experience any issues in this area we ask that you contact the school office or your teacher and someone will work to resolve your issue as soon as possible. 

New Theme Trinity Gear Available
We are also excited to open the Trinity Online Apparel Store.  New designs are based around our 2020-2021 Trinity Ministries theme: “One”.  The link is provided below.

This past Monday morning (August 31), the faculty and staff gathered in the gym (socially distanced and masked) to pray for our Trinity family and praise our God who allows us to be “in this place, at this time, for these people.”  We took a “virtual walking tour” of campus and visited every classroom.  At each site, we “stopped” and prayed for each student by name and thanked God for what He would do for His children in those places.  We asked God to grow their faith during this school year and to surround them with people that would point them to Jesus.  It was powerful.

We all consider it a privilege to partner with each family in the educational process provided here at Trinity.  May God bless our year, keep us in good health, and bring us all ever closer to Him each day.

be God’s,

Gregg Pinick
Executive Director/Head of Schools

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